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Trump's future can be predicted
erotella, Дух Озорства, astrologinov, sexmotor, Сергей Логинов
I will make the calculations and interpretation of the fate of Trump - impeachment, or not, key dates, style, direction of hit, circumstance, a detailed description of his future.

Time of work: 1 month.
Price: $ 10,000

I can not say about Belarus.
Happy offer for the US only.

За 10.000 долларов выполню расчёты и проинтерпретирую судьбу Трампа, будет импичмент, не будет, по срокам, по ключевым датам, стиль, откуда чего возьмётся, как это будет или как не будет. Сроки: 1 месяц на исследования.
По Белоруссии не скажу, нет данных. Счастливое предложение только по США.
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I should warn you against this offer since Mr. Trump’s chart is unreliable. Besides, numerous US astrologers have already failed to infer any trustworthy conclusions from this chart. Any forecast like that would be a kind of fraud, its’ real cost is less than a broken penny.

$10.000 ?
охʎǝv ʚʞонǝц! 

A. Potz

Are you, /b/ro, sure of his being gone totally crazy? No, far from that, immeasurably far. First of all, this guy exemplifies the typical Russian ongoings: high bids, cosmic scale claims, neck or nothing. I would even dare to presume, as the first Turkheimer’s law stipulates it, he had no alternative… Terrible, oppressive genetic determinism looming over this wild, uninhibited tribe, so-called russkies, has left no backdoor to escape. “Neck or nothing!” – outcries our egoistic gene thus testifying Richard Dawkins’ brilliant hypothesis. “Neck or nothing!” We can just imagine the entire depth of desperation that gripped our contemporary prophet Timothey Dadykin as he wrote his famous bogoeb.txt.

Secondly, that’s his soul’s outcry, “Give me some money!” He has reiterated many times that his financial position is grave, even desperate, within three weeks’ term he would obviously run out of money. In response to Loginov’s complaints a wise and compassionate man visiting his blog advised him to come back to Moscow and get a job like forklift operator, plumber and so on. Nope! Taking good advice is not his way of life. Eventually reality and fantastic world have got diverged and hence is his desolation.

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